This is an actual picture of me.
This is an actual picture of me.

Hi there! I’m Ash, but you’ve probably figured that out by now with the URL and the homepage and all.

I am a lot of things. A little crazy, maybe caffeinated, but most importantly I’m a creative marketer, writer, homesteader, and prairie advocate. I’m passionate about Iowa, and after taking some time to learn about organic farming in California and New york I’m happy to make Iowa my forever home. There is a lot of important work to be done here in agriculture and conservation. Luckily, I like working hard and this work excites me.

I want to be on your team. Whether you’re a nonprofit leader, a farmer, or a creative and ethical business owner I want to get your message out, because I believe Iowa needs more people like you. As change makers we can make a positive impact on our Earth.

I’m a lifelong marketing nerd (I had my first blog before I was out of elementary school) and attended the University of Iowa for English, Nonprofit Management, and Philanthropy Communication. My writing has appeared in Precision Ag, Edible Omaha, Modern Farmer, and Seedstock. I’ve worked with several nonprofit organizations, most notably The Nature Conservancy, Women, Food, and Ag Network, Iowa Food Coop, and Local Foods Connection.

I grew up on a conventional farm in Mitchellville, Iowa, where I’m now building a sustainable homestead.

Please feel free to view a list of my published works here, or read more about my background on LinkedIn.

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