IMG_2341 Hi, I’m Terra Ash. I’m a writer, innovator and nature loving Iowan. Here are the most important things for you to know about me:

* I’ve been in the conservation and environmental sector for two years, and have been writing about agriculture, nature and environmental issues for more than four years. The earth is my passion, and I’m dedicated to making others care through writing. Learn about my writing services here.

* My work has been featured in Precision Ag magazine, and I’m a regular contributor at Sarah Scoop and Marbles in a Jar (coming soon). I also blog about nature and health at Modern Girl Walden. My blog was recently featured on the WordPress Freshly Pressed blog.

* Before I started blogging and writing about the earth I ran a book review blog called English Major’s Junk Food. You can read a profile about that blog in the Daily Iowan.

* I love riding bikes and tweeting about them at Bike Commuter Problems. I hope you’ll follow me… and watch out for some other exciting Des Moines bike projects in the future!

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